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Sims 4 Bunk Bed Mod

by Jessica
Sims 4 Bunk Bed Mod

Bunk Bed Mod

  • Bunk Bed Mod
  • Credit : RAVASHEEN

Perfect for shared rooms, tiny rooms, kids’ rooms and toddler rooms – the ‘That’s What She Bed’ series is versatile, modern and a little playful. The loft bed can be paired with a single or toddler bed for an unconventional bunk bed or the space underneath can be used for the tiny desk in this series to maxmimize space. The ladder can also be placed on either side of the bunk or loft bed. Coorniating add-ons including an end table, dresser, and desk complete the set. Eight modern colors and wood hues make this set the perfect furniture set for simmie kid.

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