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More Layoffs

by Jessica P
More Layoffs

More Layoffs Are you sick and tired of your Sims constantly getting laid off from their jobs? Me neither!! Because despite the fact that I bought Growing Together pretty close to its release date, I’ve still yet to see my Sims face a layoff period even ONCE!!! And looking at the code, it’s not hard to see why. The odds that a layoff period will start are 1%. 1%!!!! That’s not even the odds that your sim will actually get laid off, just the odds that you’ll EVER see this feature in action. Maybe the layoffs feature wasn’t a major selling point to most people, but it was to me!! I’ve always been disappointed by how tame the consequences of chance cards are in TS4 compared to those in previous games (many of which could get you fired) and I was really looking forward to this feature shaking up my Sims’ lives in a similar way! Well, now it can! There are two parts to this this mod with various flavors. You can choose one of each.

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Credit : batsandbabydolls