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Skill Book Usage

by Jessica P
Skill Book Usage

Skill Book Usage Skills are complicated business, requiring hours upon hours of activities and work for Sims to increase them and eventually max them. Except when it isn’t, because Skill Books exist, and there is suddenly a multitude of Sims becoming master chefs without having touched a stove once in their lives. Or becoming world-record athletes while sitting on a couch reading Fitness Skill books. This mod makes it so that Skill Books are a bit harder to access. The seemingly magical capacity of Skill Books to grant any Skill?—even those a Sim should not feasibly be able to gain from reading alone?—is now locked behind a Reward Trait. On the Aspirations Reward Store, you will now find a self-descriptive trait called “Skill Book Usage”, costing 5,000 Satisfaction Points, which will unlock the usage of said books. If you want to be able to gain Skills through the considerable ease of using Skill Books, it will be a costly path, so whether a Sim gains a Skill naturally or obtains the trait to use Skill Books will be a meaningful decision.

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Credit : baniduhaine