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The Royalty Mod: Ancient Greece Update

by Jessica P
The Royalty Mod: Ancient Greece Update

The day has finally arrived! After weeks of development & research, I’m thrilled to announce that the Royalty Mod’s Ancient Greece Update is now available for download. What’s Inside? Dive deep into the heart of the Hellenic Empire, where myths become reality. Seek blessings from the gods, lead your troops into grand battles, oversee the royal treasury, and manage the happiness of your empire. New careers, skills, and so much more await you in this expansive update. As always, your support has been the backbone of this project. This update is a testament to our shared passion for The Sims and the rich tapestry of Ancient Greece. I can’t wait for you to experience all the new features, and I’m eager to hear your feedback. For those who encounter any issues or have suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Your insights are invaluable in refining and enhancing the mod.

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