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Sims 4 Mod Playable School Events

by Jessica
Sims 4 Mod Playable School Events

Playable School Events

What does it do?

  • Credit : kawaiistaciemods

These events allow you to physically go to class. You can build skills, character values, meet new sims, and even get promoted to a higher grade if you make the event goaled. There will also be cafeteria staff ready to serve those hungry hard-working students. Make sure you start this event before 8am so it will give you PTO so you will get the option to take a vacation day during the playable school.

  1. Public Highschool – Everyday Attire
  2. Private Highschool – $75 Formal Attire
  3. Public Gradeschool – Everyday Attire
  4. Private Gradeschool – $75 Formal Attire

Playable School Events Custom Content