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The Sims 4 Paranormal Career

by Jessica P
The Sims 4 Paranormal Career

The Sims 4 Paranormal Career

This career is a semi-active career with work from home assignments at the base level and then branch specific ones.

2 New Aspirations

Celebrity Psychic

Master of Myticism

Each with new, unique reward traits and objectives

2 Career Branches

Fortune Teller

Mystic (Spellcaster only)

Additional Features:

5 New Job-Specific Career Tones Replacements with new buffs

A new object delivered to your Sims’ inventory upon choosing a branch (it’s a throwback!) that helps to unlock further social interactions and abilities

Random calls from Sims seeking Psychic Counseling

New Relationship type: Paranormal Client with unlocks just for established clients

50 New Buffs

36 New Interactions – Computer and Rabbithole, Social Interactions including 6 Different types of psychic readings with over 40 unique variations

New Skill – Supernatural Affinity which unlocks psychic interactions and opportunities

The ability to get paid for services rendered to clients

Custom hidden trait: Paranormal Purveyor

These sims excel in the paranormal arts and find comfort in the unknown and the unbelievable. The trait allows for the making of friends easier 2x, social skills 2x, and increases reputation and spellcaster experience 1.6x.


This career requires a few expansion packs.


Get to Work, City Living, Get Famous, University Life, Paranormal Stuff, Realm of Magic

*Note: This career does not feature University Degree requirements or career jump, however, if you have a Psychology degree of any kind from either school, you will receive all other entitlements including larger salary, increased performance, bigger bonuses, and increased PTO.

Download and info under the cut

Base Levels:

Psychic Phone Friend 

$15/HR, M,W,F-Su

You knew you were meant for this job before it was even offered to you. Evening hours, lots of talk on the phone, and the chance to warn others of impending disasters in their lives is just what you’re best at doing.

Horoscope Reader

$25/HR, M,W,F-Su

Some people have a special gift to see beyond our simple existence and interpret the movements of the universe itself, divine the patterns that guide all out fates. This gift can be shared with people for money. But will you focus on the simoleons, or on the strength of your astral-spiritual connection?

Fortune Guesser 

$35/HR, M,W,F-Su

As a Fortune Guesser, you’ll no longer have to read fortunes directly out of a newspaper. Now you can make up your own fortunes! Sure you’re only guessing, but mysticism is really not an exact science. Just don’t end readings by shrugging and saying, “I mean, I guess…” and you’ll do great!

Vague Visionary

 $45/HR, W-Su

Vague Visionaries have just started to realize some of the universal patterns of fate. You’ll still do a lot of guesswork, but sometimes certain guesses just feel better than others. It’s almost as if you can see the path that another person’s life will take — or if not the path, the general direction that life will go in. With practice, you may develop this gift!

Palm Reader 

$55/HR, T-S

The first thing to check on someone’s palm is their “suspension of disbelief” line. As long as that’s nice and long, then you’ve got it made. The palm isn’t a literal roadmap to one’s fate, but its lines and patterns can help you focus on the connections between us and the heavenly bodies. Palm Readers do a decent business, and bonus: you get to hold a lot of people’s hands, which is sweet.


Charisma, Logic, Research and Debate, Medium, New: Supernatural Affinity

Work From Home (Base):

Level up Charisma 

Connect to Psychic Web Conference 

Meet Prospective Clients 

Offer Horoscope Reading 

Create Social Media 

Advertise Services on the Web 

Interpret Dreams 

Study Psychic Techniques 

Research Supernatural Lore 

Update Website for Clientele

Mystic Branch (*Spellcaster only)

Conjurer of Cheap Tricks 

$75/HR, M,W,F-Su

By incorporating small props in your routine, you will increase your client’s confidence in your predictions. Some may dismiss you as a Conjurer of Cheap Tricks, but they’re secretly impressed. By now your predictions aren’t entirely inaccurate, anyways. Some people just need a little showmanship to seal the deal.

Spiritual Guide 

$95/HR, W,F-Su

Spirit Guides get a lot of repeat business. When certain people feel turmoil in their lives, you are the one they will turn for solutions. They will think of you as their personal guide to metaphysical balance. It’s harder work — simple guesses and vague prophecies won’t work as well as they used to — but ultimately it is more rewarding.

Traveler of Time and Space 

$150/HR, W,F-Su

Sense is born from chaos. The complex patterns of fate become clear. You have developed a new sense that can transcend any of the limits of those tied to your body. With this Sight, you will see many things — other places, the future, the past, old friends long gone. As a Traveler of Time and Space, you can offer genuine guidance to those who need it — a service many will pay handsomely for!

Dealer of Destinies 

$200/HR, F-Su

Dealers of Destiny work primarily with a deck of fortune teller’s cards. Long ago you thought that the cards spoke to the reader, who would interpret their instructions. In fact, the power is with you. You speak through the cards, which merely serve to illustrate the finer points of your extrasensory divinations.

Master of Mysticism 

$300/HR, S,Su

Well done! You have earned a title few others have: Master of Mysticism. Interpreting a chaotic mash of symbols, signs, emotions and flows of energy has nowbecome as easy as following a recipe. The secrets of the universe are yours to discern, and yours to distribute however you see fit.

Mystic Work from Home Assignments:

Conduct Virtual Web Readings (pick Sims from world) 

Meet Prospective Clients 

Give Magic Potions 

Create Potions with Cauldron 

Experiment with Cauldron 

Read Beyond Belief 

Perform Private Readings (with established clients) 

Commune with Departed 

Invoke the Dead 

Host Group Séance 

Perform Ghastly Ritual 

Create Séance Circle 

Attend Mystic Gathering

Fortune Teller Branch


$85/HR, T-S

Your interest in “helping” your clients get in touch with their inner selves has prompted you to study hypnotism, and offer your services to calmly and peacefully help those seeking freedom from their poor Earthly habits.

Tarot Card Reader 

$105/HR, T-S

Branching out on your own to do more in-depth analysis of your customer’s love life and family history is an interesting career change. Get to know your clients on a more personal level, up the aura of mystery in your personal appearance, and generally get away with being as odd as you’d like – everyone expects it, after all.


$200/HR, W-S

All that hypnotic work kept providing you with Otherworldly interference, so address it on a daily basis. Contact deceased family members, friends from former lives, and even the client’s long lost guinea pig to the wonder and appreciation of all around you.

Pseudo Psychic 

$275/HR, Th-S

Now that you are a card-carrying Pseudo-Psychic, you understand that image is everything. Someone who looks that good and acts with that much confidence has to understand how things work, right? Be someone people want to be, then help them believe that THEY can be that person too. They will pay for your secrets!

Celebrity Psychic 

$375/HR, Th-S

This is it! You’ve hit the big time! As a Celebrity Psychic, you will be in demand from movie stars, politicians, famous athletes, and anyone else who can afford you. You can even hold your own psychic conventions and rake in some real Simoleons. The sky’s the limit. Remember, if you believe it, they’ll buy it!

Fortune Teller Work from Home Assignments:

Host Virtual Readings (pick Sim from world) 

Perform Private Readings (with established clients) 

Promote Services on Simstagram 

Offer Celebrity Consultations 

Hold Psychic Appearance 

Read Beyond Belief 

Attend Psychic Convention 

Reach 100 Followers 

Reach 500 Followers 

Endorse Paranormal Product

Commune with Departed 

Host Group Séance 

Invoke the Dead

Credit : adeepindigo

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