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The Extended Family : Hotfix.2

by Jessica P
The Extended Family : Hotfix.2

Omegaverse Mod

Credit : Jamjars

Compatible with v1.60.54, v1.61.15, v1.62.67 & v1.62.69 of The Sims 4. Older game versions are not supported.

  • Supplements
    All supplements are for use on Alphas or Omegas. Only sims of the correct type are able to use the “Take Supplement” interactions.
    When taken under the wrong circumstances, supplements can lead to uncomfortable side effects.
    All supplements have a chance of failure, where they do not function. This may not always be immediately obvious when they fail (as with real world medicine).
    All supplements have a “Read the Label” interaction, which will prompt a notification explaining how to correctly take the supplement, and its chance of failure.