Sims 4 Omegaverse Mod

Omegaverse Mod

Credit : Jamjars

Omegaverse Mod

A couple of checks in the various services offered by the Family require a sim to be on their home lot. Unfortunately, this required a new check to be added to the interactions in order for them to show up on tiny home lots, as well as just normal residential lots. Thanks to Schram92 and Lumi Buttons for pointing this out and helping me corroborate the cause.

The biggest addition of v1.4.0 was the Extended Family; Aunt Mai, Uncle Rick, and Cousin Jack. There’s some interesting info, as well as a little more canon, to be found in the information post on my website, but the basics are covered in the change log below.

  • Settings
    Settings available for Alphas and Omegas are “per sim” and only apply to that sim, and are not global.
    Omegas and Alphas who do not have any changed settings will default to the 5d/65% heat cycle and 8-10d rut cycle.
  • Custom Content