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Sims 4 My Social Life Pack

by Jessica P
Sims 4 My Social Life Pack

My Social Life Pack

This system adds more texts from NPCs and more interactive NPCs which gives your sims’ relationships more life. Without your sims being around their family and friends they will continue to build that bond all on their own with visits, invites, and phone calls.

Mod Features

  • Adds more text messages! Friendly, mean, creepy, and silly!
  • Allows sims to make phone calls to friends, classmates, family, significant others, strangers, and extended family all on their own. You can also do this manually.
  • Adds texts where family/friends/lover will ask to come over to hang out with you.
  • Adds goodbye messages when NPCs leave your lot. This was inspired by older sims games.
  • Adds texts where your family members or your significant other will invite you over to their home
  • Adds texts where your friend might confess to having a crush on you.
  • Adds a feature that allows friends/family to come to visit on big life events: birth, death, holidays, etc…
  • Allows sims to invite over friends/family/classmates all on their own.
  • Allows parents/grandparents to fuss at children/teens for inviting over friends.
  • Allows parents/grandparents to give permission to children/teens to invite friends over.
  • Allows parents/grandparents to tell children/teens not to invite friends over.

My Social Life Pack

  • Calls will build relationships. After the call ends you’ll receive a text from who they called. Which will add the relationship boost!
  • Builds fun/social motive during the call.
  • Brings down negative moodlets/buffs.
  • Elders are most likely to call family.
  • The menu grows the more relationship types you have.
  • Talk to lover/partner only shows if you made it official.
  • A timeout moodlet/buff happens after each call which prevents the sim from autonomously calling for another 4-10 hours. You can always manually call though.
  • Teens will have shorter timeout periods they will only be prevented from autonomously calling for another 4-6 hours when receiving a timeout.
  • Teens are most likely to call classmates.
  • Children are most likely to call their parents/family.
  • Sims have unlimited calls while they are sad.
  • Young Adults are most likely to call their friends.
  • Sad sims are most likely to call a lover, family member, or friend.
  • Lonely/bored sims (mostly teens) are most likely to call strangers.