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The Sims 4 Snowy Escape Cheats

by Jessica
The Sims 4 Snowy Escape Cheats

Snowy Escape Cheats

Snowy Escape Skill Cheats

If you don’t want to max your skill level you can change the number 10 with the preferred skill level from 1 to 9

  • Stats.Set_Skill_Level Major_RockClimbing 10
  • Stats.Set_Skill_Level Major_Skiing 10
  • Stats.Set_Skill_Level Major_Snowboarding 10

Cheating SalaryPerson Career

Use the cheats below to promote your Sim or give them a raise. Get promoted in the Salary Person career

  • Careers.Demote CorporateWorker

New Aspirations

Complete Aspirations

  • Aspirations.complete_current_milestone

Climbing Excursion Reward Traits

  • Middling Mountaineer – traits.equip_trait trait_Excursion_Mountaineer_rank1
  • Capable Mountaineer – traits.equip_trait trait_Excursion_Mountaineer_rank2
  • Expert Mountaineer – traits.equip_trait trait_Excursion_Mountaineer_rank3

Cheat Reward & CAS Traits

  • Trait_Adventurous – The Adventurous Trait from Create-a-Sim
  • Trait_Proper – The Proper Trait from Create-a-Sim
  • Trait_Excursion_Mountaineer_Rank1 – Awarded for making it part of the journey on Mt. Komorebi
  • Trait_Excursion_Mountaineer_Rank2 – Made it to the top, but with a Silver.
  • Trait_Excursion_Mountaineer_Rank3 – Summit Mt. Komorebi with a Gold
  • Trait_CorporateWorker_CharismaticCrooner – Reward for a branch of Salaryperson Career
  • Trait_CorporateWorker_LegendaryStamina – Reward for the other branch of Salaryperson Career.
  • Trait_SurvivalInstinct – Reward for completing Extreme Sports Enthusiast
  • Trait_WorldlyKnowledge – Reward for completing Mt. Komorebi Sightseer
  • Trait_TownMascot – Sim act like a mascot
  • Trait_Hidden_RockClimbingGear_HasGear 

Snowy Escape Lifestyles

Shift Click your Sim > Cheat Sim Info > Add Lifestyle. If you already have a Lifestyle that you want to get rid of right away you’ll also have a “Remove Lifestyle” option available.

Use traits.equip_trait trait_Lifestyles_CoffeeFanatic to add the Adrenaline Coffee Fanatic to your Sim.

Snowy Escape Cheats

traits.equip_trait trait_Lifestyles_AdrenalineSeekerAdrenaline Seeker
traits.equip_trait trait_Lifestyles_CloseKnitClose-Knit
traits.equip_trait trait_Lifestyles_CoffeeFanaticCoffee Fanatic
traits.equip_trait trait_Lifestyles_EnergeticEnergetic
traits.equip_trait trait_Lifestyles_FrequentTravelerFrequent Traveler
traits.equip_trait trait_Lifestyles_HealthFoodNutHealth Food Nut
traits.equip_trait trait_Lifestyles_HungryForLoveHungry for Love
traits.equip_trait trait_Lifestyles_IndoorsyIndoorsy
traits.equip_trait trait_Lifestyles_JunkFoodDevourerJunk Food Fiend
traits.equip_trait trait_Lifestyles_OutdoorsyOutdoorsy
traits.equip_trait trait_Lifestyles_NetworkerPeople Person
traits.equip_trait trait_Lifestyles_SedentarySedentary
traits.equip_trait trait_Lifestyles_NoNeedForRomanceSingle and Lovin’ It
traits.equip_trait trait_Lifestyles_TechieTechie
traits.equip_trait trait_Lifestyles_TechnophobeTechnophobe
traits.equip_trait trait_Lifestyles_WorkaholicWorkaholic

Snowy Escape Cheats

Create A Sim Unlockable Clothing

  • cas.unlockbytag EP10

Snowy Escape Death Cheats

  • Vending Machine Death – traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_vendingmachine
  • Rock Climbing Death – traits.equip_trait trait_ghost_climbingroute

Snowy Escape Trait Cheats

  • Legendary Stamina  traits.equip_trait trait_corporateworker_legendarystamina
  • Charismatic Crooner   traits.equip_trait trait_corporateworker_charismaticcrooner
  • Survival Instinct  traits.equip_trait trait_survivalinstinct
  • Worldly Knowledge traits.equip_trait trait_worldlyknowledge
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