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All infant milestones sims 4

by Jessica P

Sims 4 all infant milestones: How many milestones are there?

With the latest Growing Together expansion pack, Sims 4, all infant milestones are listed under five categories: Fine Motor, Firsts, Gross Motor, Life, and Social. Except for “Life,” each category requires a different set of completed activities to be unlocked.

These categories include 31 milestones in total. Except for “Life,” every other category is ordered chronologically. That is because everything starts with giving birth or opening your eyes for the first time in your life. Infants have two different milestones than regular Sims; Fine Motor and Gross Motor.

Below you can find the Sims 4 all infant milestones, chronologically ordered:

  • Life: Only one milestone can be obtained under the Life category, but it could be named differently according to your preference. If you choose to give birth in a hospital, the milestone’s name will appear as “Born at Hospital.” Otherwise, it will be named “Born.”
  • Firsts: First Visitors, First Bath, First Bubble Bath, First Baby Food, Slept Through the Night, First Finger Food, First Diaper Blowout, Peed on Caregiver
  • Social (Chronologically): First Smiled, Learned to Coo, Learned to Laugh, Learned to Babble, Learned to Blow Kiss, Learned Peek-A-Boo
  • Fine Motor (Chronologically): Learned to Reach, Learned to Grab, Put Toe In Mouth, Learned To Wave, Learned To Clap, Learned Pincher Grasp
  • Gross Motor (Chronologically): Lifted Head, Rolled Over to Back, Rolled Over to Tummy, Learned to Creep, Learned to Sit Up, Pulled To Stand, Learned To Dance, Learned To Crawl