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100 baby challenge sims 4 rules 2022

by Jessica P
100 baby challenge sims 4 rules 2022

Take a look at the sims 4 challenge rules mentioned below –

  • Create an avatar of a female, young adult sim who’d be the matriarch and give birth.
  • The matriarch should be the only person in the household in the beginning.
  • Their appearance and traits can be whatever you choose.
  • The lot of the matriarch should not cost more than §20,000 starter fund.
  • You can change the lot but without the use of cheats. However, you can’t share the active household with another family.
  • You can also choose lots from the gallery if the active house can afford it.
  • Auto-aging must be enabled so that the donors are generated automatically for your matron and adjust their lifespan to normal.
  • You can receive rewards by accomplishing aspirations and social events, but not the ones that extend your persona’s lifespan or prevent their death.
  • Simmers can also play in more than one sims 4 household, but the aging should be disabled for the matriarch’s home.
  • You can’t use any mods or CC that might benefit you unfairly (for example, a module that permits you to have more than 8 sims in the house.)
  • Cheats are strictly prohibited except bb.moveobjects on. Although if your game faces a glitch that affects the save file, you can use any possible means to retrieve the data.
  • The task reaches its conclusion once the 100th baby is born, or you might fail due to the lack of following rules.
  • Sims who have turned into ghosts can’t be in the same active household.
  •  Your babies can be aged only when a notification regarding their birthday pops up.
  • As for toddlers, they can grow when they are at level 3 of toddler skills.
  • Children and teens need to receive an A in school to age up.
  • Young adults should move out of the house to make room, but you can’t invite them back.
  • Once the matriarch becomes an elder, her daughter must become the next matriarch. The predecessor can’t leave the household until the next in line becomes a young adult.
  • You can’t make space by killing underage sims or letting them be taken away by social services. For the child to contribute to the game, he/she needs to turn to a young adult.
  • The matriarch can’t have a job that requires her to leave the house. The teenagers can get a part-time job, though.
  • You can hire sims 4 NPC’s, but not the caterers, as the matriarch needs to provide food for the children herself.
  • The mother cannot marry or get engaged to someone when she is pregnant.
  • She can’t get impregnated by the same male sim twice. It’s more like the Forbidden mod Sims 4, to be honest.The father can’t be a member of the house or help in any way. You can’t use the deaderpool’s MCCC child support feature also.
  • You can adopt children, but they won’t contribute to the challenge.
  • You aren’t allowed to influence the gender of the baby by eating strawberries or listening to pop music, etc.
  • You can’t choose the children’s traits or aspirations; they’d be randomized.


  • Patch 34 doesn’t restrict the child-bearer to a specific gender. They can be of any gender as long as they can give birth.
  • Patch 17 enables you to affect the gender of the babies, but you can’t use it in this mission.

Other rules of sims 4 100 baby challenge

  • Your matron can manage a retail business, vet clinic, or restaurant if you have the Get to Work expansion, and their teenagers can help out in there instead of hiring employees.
  • If you own the sims 4 City Living expansion, you can choose any career provided in the pack as long as it’s work from home.
  • She can either join or create clubs and participate in the activities as long as the challenge rules remain intact.
  • You can also enjoy holidays and even create new ones if they don’t affect the rules. To stick to the norms, edit the existing traditions.
  • The matron could relish in fame and build her reputation if she earned it without having a career.
  • Your matriarch can have sims 4 vampire donors, but she can’t be a vampire herself. Also, you can’t turn a female vampire child into a matriarch; therefore, you’d have to cure them.