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Let our Sims Digivolve! Age-Up Text Override

by Jessica P
The Sims 4 Let our Sims Digivolve! (Age-Up Text Override)

The Sims 4 Let our Sims Digivolve! (Age-Up Text Override)

This is very first mod for MTS. I hope you like it!
March 30th: Added a version that uses the Japanese names for Digivolution levels.

After I discovered that there wasn’t a lot of Digimon-related content for this game, I decided to play around with the text strings that appear when your sims age up and replace them with the phrases used for Digivolution.

Each age-up string follows the same structure, with the exception of the age-up text for Elders:
"{0.SimFirstName}, Digivolve to…[x] Stage!"

The age-up text string for Elders is slightly different compared to the other age-ups due to it being the final life stage. If you want, you can discover this hidden string for yourself, or you can click the button below:

This mod will conflict with any mod that overrides the age-up text strings.

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Credit : Bravemeow