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The Sims 4 Family Therapy

by Jessica P
The Sims 4 Family Therapy

The Sims 4 Family Therapy

I needed a mod that not necessarily a comprehensive mental health mod with diagnoses and medications but focused on psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal relationships, specifically relating to familial issues including addiction (found in BD), behavioral issues, marital, parent/guardian, and sibling relationships and issues as well as grief and diagnosis from mine and some other mods. It’s a little more specific and niche but I needed it for my gameplay. This is not meant to be a 100% accurate representation of therapies available or how to deal with diagnosis but a more generalized, Sim-style version.


Family Therapy

Grief Counseling

New Family Interactions

Couples Counseling

Support Groups

Behavior/Mood Therapy

How It Works

New Familial Interactions

There are several new interactions for unmarried, married, and divorced couples, as well as siblings, parents-children, and all family members. They concern a number of topics: work/school, grades, social status, finances, bills, illnesses, diagnosis/disorders, behaviors, relationships, death, and addiction. These interactions will have an impact on therapy sessions, particularly home-based therapy sessions. 


Initial Consultation

In order to access therapy, your sim will need to use the phone under the general pie menu to book an initial therapy consultation. The consultation is available to any household member age child and up.

This will only be initially available when there is either a negative sentiment or extremely poor relationship with another member of the family, is going through a phase or mood swing, a family member has died, or if your sim has been diagnosed with the following Basemental Drugs issues or Healthcare Redux issues: Anxiety (HCR), Postpartum Depression (HCR), Seasonal Affective Disorder (HCR), ADHD (BD), Cancer (BD), and Addiction (BD). 

They can decide to go by themselves or with more than one family member. After agreeing to work with the therapist, sims can come back for individual or group sessions.  While basic individual sessions are available, group sessions are the focus of the mod. The group sessions are there to help with the following situations:

Addiction in the family – Drugs (Basemental Drugs integration)

Couple issues – Money, Sex, Life Changes, Children, Opposing Traits

Behavioral issues – Evilness, Lack of Responsibility or Conflict Resolution, 

Diagnosis/Illness – Cancer, Anxiety, SAD, Postpartum Depression, ADHD

Death in the family – Grief

Familial Issues – Divorce, Breakup, Sibling Rivalry, Social Pressures

Home-Based Therapy Sessions

Your sim can sign up, once they’ve decided to keep using therapy, for home-based therapy sessions. The therapist will show up at the sim’s house and a therapy session will get started. Note that you need to greet the therapist using the “Greet Family Therapist” interaction when they arrive on the lot in order to begin the therapy session. This option can only be used every 5 days. The session last about two hours. Based on the interactions they choose during the therapy session, that will further inform how they view that session. Home-based therapy sessions are only available Monday, Thursday, and Saturday between 10am and 2pm. To end the session early, you can use the “End Home-Based Therapy Session” interaction. You can invite other members of the family to join the session. 

Support Groups

In addition to therapy appointments, your sims may also attend various support groups individually or as a family. The support groups may or may not be as effective depending on the sim and their traits and the nature of the issue, but they can definitely help. 

More Than Addiction – An addiction support group for addicts and their families

Good Grief – A support group to help those who are grieving a loss in a celebratory, but respectful environment

Caring for Caregivers – A caregiver/parent support group to vent and share tips and tricks

Youth Group – A child and teen only support group for behavioral and emotional support

The Village – A self help support group for those with mental health issues and their families

Caveat: This mod is not a comprehensive mental health mod. There are other (both current and future) mods by other creators that will delve into that much more deeply. The reason this isn’t part of Healthcare Redux is because I didn’t want to tie it to that larger system to work. I really just needed some interactions for my gameplay (as you all know, I say it all the time, I really make mods based on my gameplay) that focused on family therapy and decided to expand on it a little for more common game situations for you all.

***There are no diagnosis or medication, but this will take into consideration diagnosis’ from Healthcare Redux (Anxiety, Postpartum Depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder) and Basemental Drugs (ADHD, Lung Cancer, Addictions). It will also take into affect separated statuses from Lumpinou’s WHW Module 10.***

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