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The Sims 4 Employee Praise Check On Cooldown

by Jessica P
The Sims 4 Employee Praise Check On Cooldown

The Sims 4 Employee Praise Check On Cooldown

What does this mod do?

This mod will reduce the cooldown timer for all business:

Praise Default 240 Now 60 mins

Check on Default 120 Now 60 mins

I just made this one as I was updating my mod Employee-satisfaction-retail-vet-restaurant. and thought this would be a handy addon.

Patch 1.84

Always check if your mods are conflicting with another mod
I use this program though its outdated it still picks up any conflicts
TS4 Package Conflict Detector – WINDOWS ONLY
If you have an error please PM me
Please try the following always:
New saved game with no mods but this one and see if the issue is still happening because it could always be a conflict with another mod

Additional Credits:


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N.A.P’s on lots

  • Custom Content This is the addition of player-made clothing or objects to the game. Sometimes just referred to in The Sims community as “CC”.
  • Game Mods: These are Mods that add features or change functionality of the game. These Mods may include script code, but not always.
  • Mods: A blanket term referring to any player-made content for the game—this includes both Custom Content and Game Mods.
  • Enable Mods via the options panel : The setting can be found in “Options > Other > Enable Custom Content and Mods.” and Restart the game

Credit : spgm69