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The Sims 4 Dental Care Mod

by Jessica P
The Sims 4 Dental Care Mod

The Sims 4 Dental Care Mod

So I had an epiphany in the middle of one project and thought, why do my Sims brush their teeth? There’s no consequences, no gameplay, no dread of the dentist office, no judgment for those cavities! So I casually… or not so casually… slipped this new idea in the middle of another project with the wonderful Sandy who didn’t bat at an eye and here we present to you: Dental Care! Now your sim can get cavities, have bad breath, need and receive braces, toddlers can teeth and teens can have wisdom teeth extracted, and everyone can enjoy a trip to the dentist (hah)!

Dental Care Mod by adeepindigo and AroundtheSims


Dental Insurance

Your sim and their family are automatically opted into Dental Insurance if at least one YA-Elder sim in the home has a job. If someone loses their job, the family looses their insurance. Insurance can be regained upon employment. Insurance allows for a 40% discount on dental visits.

Teeth Health

Sims teeth health is now monitored and decays over time without dental care interventions. Sims will receive notifications when it’s time to attend to their dental needs. Dental care behaviors like regular brushing teeth, using mouthwash, going to the dentist appointments, even popping a mint will help improve teeth health. If Sims don’t attend to their teeth health they can get any number of dental issues including cavities, sensitivity, frequent toothaches and require root canals to name a few. If your sim hasn’t brushed in over 24 hours their breath will smell bad but a quick mint can help offset the effects but it won’t go away until their teeth are brushed. Sims around your sim will feel uncomfortable being around a sim with bad breath. 

Dental Supplies

My darling Sandy (aka AroundtheSims) made all the dental supplies and your Sims can now purchase on the computer under the Order menu “Purchase Dental Supplies.” You can purchase toothpaste for kids and adults, mouthwash for kids and adults, breath mints, and breath spray. Everything but the breath spray and toothpaste can be used by the Sim. If your sim has a tube of toothpaste in their inventory when brushing their teeth it can help with certain issues including cavities and teeth sensitivity.

Dental Appointments

Scheduling Appointments (Immediate and Calendar)

Your sim can schedule their Dentist Appointments on the computer under the Household Menu. YA-Elder can schedule appointments for minors. A notification will pop up if the appointment scheduling was successful and the Sim whose appointment is scheduled will receive a call shortly after (about 30 minutes) from the Dentist’s Office (provided the dentist’s office is open, hours are 8am-6pm daily), when its time their appointment.  If you don’t get the call, or miss it, or don’t want to wait, or want to go later, you can always find the Go to Dental Appointment interaction on the phone under the Household menu. It will only appear once the appointment is scheduled on the computer. In order for your toddler to go to the Dentist, once an appointment for them has been scheduled, you must click on the “Go to Dental Appointment” option on the toddler.

You can also make a Dental Appointment event on the calendar. Note about calendar appointments: After first booking the dentist appointment on the computer, you will be prompted to go to your appointment immediately if during office hours (8am-6pm daily). If you want to instead create an event for the appointment to schedule a time for you to send your sim to the dentist via the calendar, you must cancel when the office calls for the appointment (if they do, otherwise, simply proceed to create the event as usual) and can then choose to create a dentist appointment event to schedule a time for your sim to attend their appointment. When the event occurs, you must choose the option on their phone to Go to Dental Appointment in order to complete the goal.

Appointment Types

There are three new types of dental appointments. Upon loading the game, it will prompt all sims to get a Routine Cleaning. Routine Cleanings are only needed every 14 sim days (24 days in Long version). If any issues arise (see Dental Issues), your sim will be able to schedule an Check-In Appointment. And should your sim need a Dental Procedure performed (teens-elder only), they will be able to make a Surgery Appointment.

Only the appropriate, most urgent appointment type will be available. Procedure takes precedence followed by Issue then Cleaning. At this time, minors (children and toddlers) must be accompanied by an adult to dental appointments. Going to the dentist appointment will give the sim (or sims) a sick day off.

General Dentist Issues

Sims will now have the opportunity to get cavities (more likely if they eat a lot of junk food or are generally a slob or have poor hygiene), toothaches, chipped teeth, and loose teeth. They can also develop gum disease and teeth sensitivity. Identifying and resolving these issues will require an Issue Appointment. Sims will receive a generic notification (see below) that will notify them of an issue they have developed. 

Age Specific Dental Issues


NatetheL0ser has kindly allowed us to incorporate his Teething Mod into this mod. Your toddler will experience the pains of toddlerhood and can start teething. Toddlers can go to cleanings like other Sims. Teething toddlers can alleviate the symptoms of teething by taking a teething tablet. They can not do this on their own; an older sim can give them one by clicking on the toddler.


Children now have a chance to need braces and to get them removed.

Teens/Young Adult

Teens now have a chance to need braces and get them removed. Teens and Young Adults have a chance to need their wisdom teeth extracted.


Adults and Elders have a chance to need root canal or dental implants.


Sims may find during a Routine Cleaning or an Issue Check-In appointment that their dentist recommends a Procedure. In this case, the dentist will prompt the Sim to schedule a follow up appointment for the dental surgery. The mod will send reminders until the appointment is schedule. Wisdom tooth extraction, root canals, braces removal, and dental implants are the four types of dental procedures/surgeries available. After a procedure if you Sim opts for the anesthesia they may feel a little bit off! They will also be prescribed pain medication they can take every six hours over a period of 36 sim hours. They can take the medication by clicking on the sim and using the “Take Medication” interaction. If they don’t take the pain medication, they are more liable to experience pain spikes that can make them very uncomfortable.

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