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Sims 4 N.A.P’s on lots

by Jessica P
Sims 4 N.A.P’s on lots

Sims 4 N.A.P’s on lots

Hi, I made this mod over a year ago and finally decide to release it. N.A.P’s annoyed me so much in the business I was running so decided to stop it.

Patch 1.82

This mod will stop the following happening in restaurants, vets and retail locations

We Wear Bags
Support the Performing Arts!
Free Love
Rock Your Body (and Mind)

Additionally this will stop this in any residential location as well as the ones mentioned above

Sharing is Caring

I have only uploaded one flavour as listed above. Any others you want to see??

Please note: I have had the occasional table top vase go missing in my restaurant but nothing major.

Original idea came from Lebbion for No Roughhousing on Retail Lots

Please check out my other mods on MTS

Maxed Skills, Restaurant, Retail, Vet

Maxed Restaurant Start at 5 Stars

Restaurant Group Diners of 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8

Maxed Vet 5 Stars at start

Staff Wages, Vet Clinic, Retail, Restaurant

Maxed Retail, Dual Tasks, Sure Sale, Faster Staff, Extra Hours, Retail Prices

No Autonomous Toilet Prank

Employee Satisfaction, Retail, Vet, Restaurant


Archive: NapsOnLots.zip
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Credit : spgm69