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Sims 4 Dance Career Mod

by Jessica
Sims 4 Dance Career Mod

Dance Career Mod

  • Dance Career Mod
  • Credit : by MesmericSimmer 

Does your sim love to dance so much, that they’re willing to pursue a career in that field? Or maybe you just want to add another custom career to your belt. Either way, I present you my Mesmeric Dancer Career! This career was inspired by asiashamecca but in no way or form a direct replica.

This particular career contains a specific skill from the game pack: Spa Day. But the career should work fine without it. If not, just let me know and I’ll re-upload another file without it.

Mesmeric Dance Career
A dancer is a performing artist who uses movement to convey stories and ideas. He or she usually has expertise in a particular type of dance including jazz, ballet, modern dance, hip-hop or tap, but some excel in more than one of these areas. Dancers express emotions, tell stories, and communicate to an audience through movement. Although most dancers perform as part of ensembles, some of the most talented dancers are lucky enough to work on solo projects. Depending on your training and dance style, you may find yourself performing in a variety of settings.

Student Dancer
You passed the auditions with flying colors and landed one of the few spots offered at Willow Creek Academy along with a small dance scholarship. Dance instructors will be the first to tell you that it takes more than just talent to be a great dancer. It should go without saying that you need to work hard in your dance classes, too. Arrive early, ask questions, take notes, and condition your body outside of class. Raise your skills to achieve to impress your classmates and your teacher.