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Custom Drink Interactions Upd

by Jessica P
Custom Drink Interactions Upd

Sims 4 Custom Drink Interactions (Update 26th August 2021)

These are custom interactions + some extras that are used to make custom Drinks, plus a script that adds the interactions to various bars in game. They were originally posted by but we moved them over to the group account to be able to maintain them better.

The List of Updated drinks

(Using this mod without the Custom Bar drinks may lead to Last exception errors in some cases)

  • Custom Content This is the addition of player-made clothing or objects to the game. Sometimes just referred to in The Sims community as “CC”.
  • Game Mods: These are Mods that add features or change functionality of the game. These Mods may include script code, but not always.
  • Mods: A blanket term referring to any player-made content for the game—this includes both Custom Content and Game Mods.
  • Enable Mods via the options panel : The setting can be found in “Options > Other > Enable Custom Content and Mods.” and Restart the game

Credit : TheFoodGroup