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Simlish Social Bunny

by Jessica P
Simlish Social Bunny

This mod makes the messages sims post on Social Bunny be in Simlish. The tone and variety of messages on Social Bunny doesn’t really match my Sims. I wanted a way to ignore the actual messages but still use the social network features. I converted all the Social Bunny messages to Simlish so I don’t have to read about pillow fights so often. After you add the mod and check the Social Bunny app all previous messages and future messages will be in Simlish . If you remove the mod the messages will switch back to the original language. The mod currently works only for English. If you play in a different language (that uses a roman script) and want to use this mod, write your language in the comments and I’ll see if I can make a version for that as well.

Custom Content is CC that can be downloaded and added to your game

Credit : Enkidu