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My version of ZERO’s University Costs More mod

by Jessica P
My version of ZERO's University Costs More mod

My version of ZERO’s University Costs More mod

Inspired by Zero’s University Costs More Mod. Thanks and Credit to Zerosims mods! This is a simple tuning mod that increases the cost of university classes. I really liked the idea behind zero’s mod, but their custom prices were higher than what I wanted in my game. Thankfully, they provided some helpful instructions and pics of how to modify this to your own preferences. I followed those and created my own version. I wasn’t going to upload this but I read in Zero’s TOU that they were cool with anyone doing pretty much whatever with their mods, so I thought why not? Someone may find it useful. What it does (Basics): In the base game (with University EP of course) the cost for uni classes is a flat $250 fee for each class, regardless of if it is a core class or elective. This seemed really cheap and also it didn’t make sense to me for all degrees to cost the exact same amount. (Getting a degree in Art History should not cost the same as a degree that allows you to be Docter). With this mod, University classes now cost more to start out and also increase as you continue pursuing your degree. Elective classes also now vary in price, depending on what skill is being learned (ex. taking an elective on fishing will cost less than an elective for programming). More Specific: Game files for each University degree list 12 classes (A-L). I adjusted the cost for all A-D classes to start at either $600 or $800, depending on what degree it is. Every 4 classes (a typical full-time semester), classes increase by $200. So the first 4 classes cost $600-$800, the next 4 are $800-$1,000, and so on with the last 4 classes costing between $1,000 and $1,200 per class. Elective classes cost between $500 and $800 each, depending on the skill learned. (ex. the elective that focuses on cooking costs less than the elective for gourmet cooking). Full list of changed values: EA default= $250 for any one class

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Credit : Faith93