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Easel Art Catalog

by Jessica P
Easel Art Catalog

Easel Art CatalogWe all know how annoying can it be to hunt down and paint all the different paintings that are available in-game (of which there are hundreds of!)… but your sim keeps painting stuff you already have… so to alleviate this pain, let me present you… [img]https://i.ibb.co/1btGXK8/SS-pof-button.png[/img] This new “Paint from Catalog” pie menu option lets sims choose and craft any In-Game paintings on the easel, that are available at their present Painting skill level… so no more scraping and re-starting, you’re in full charge of what your sim will paint! [img]https://i.ibb.co/RvPMXFs/TSRcover.jpg[/img] To unlock this feature your sim needs to fulfill at least one of the following requirements: Have an at least Lvl.5 active Painter Career. Reached at least Lvl.8 Painting Skill. Purchased any relevant Painters’ Reference Guide Books. (they can be bought from: Purchase Books > Skill for §1.000 each) Purchased Rob Russ’ Magic Deluxe Easel. (can be bought from: Build Buy > Activities and Skills > Creative for §25.000) Once your sim met one (or more) of these conditions, you’ll see more themes and options getting unlocked.

Custom Content is CC that can be downloaded and added to your game

Credit : peco