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Blackpink K-Pop Career

by Jessica P
Blackpink K-Pop Career

this career for people who wish to play a Blackpink Idol career! You start with Level 1: Casting for YG Ent. this requires already high skills since you apply to be a K-pop Idol, which is not for everyone! The required skills are: Dancing level 3, Acting level 2, Singing level 5 When you manage to meet all skills and work your way up, you’ll be a Trainee! This requires: Dancing level 4, Acting level 3, Singing level 7 and theeen.. you’re a background dancer! This requires: Dancing level 5, Acting level 8, Singing level 9 If you become good enough.. you’ll be teamed up with Blackpink! Of you need following skills: Dancing level 5, Acting level 10 and Singing level 10 you only need to drag and drop the folder in your mods folder.

Custom Content is CC that can be downloaded and added to your game

Credit : Livyyy