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The Sims 4 – Technical Cheats

by Jessica
The Sims 4 – Technical Cheats

Technical Cheats

Use the Cheat Console by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+C. Input the cheat code testingcheats true first before entering the cheats below. (Technical Cheats)

Cheat CodeResult
fullscreenToggle full screen
HelpLists all available commands
resetSim {Firstname} {Lastname}Reset your Sim
headlineeffects {on/off}Hide all headline effects like Plumbobs, thought balloons, etc.
cas.fulleditmodeAll CAS abilities will become available and you can change their names (click on your Sim and ‘plan outfit’ to modify in CAS after entering the cheat)
Shift + click on Sim > Modify in CASAllows editing of everything but name change and inherited traits
casclockspeed {0-10}Lower the Create a Sim clock speed (0 is pause)
fps {on/off}See the fps (frames per second) on the screen while playing
hovereffects offRemoves the glowing outline when hovering over a Sim or Object
Shift + click on the Ground > Teleport Me HereTeleports selected Sim as close to the clicked spot as possible
Technical Cheats

Camera Controls ( Technical )

HotkeyWhat it Does
HomeWalls Up
EndWalls Down
Page UpGo up a floor
Page DownGo down a floor
Hold Right-ClickMove Around the Neighborhood – better than below
W or Up ArrowMove View Up
A or Left ArrowMove View Left
S or Down ArrowMove View Down
D or Right ArrowMove View Right
Shift + EnterCenter on Current Lot
Left-click Sim PicSelect that Sim
Left-click Sim PicMake Camera Go to
Right-Click Sim PicMake Camera follow that Sim
Hold Mouse WheelRotate View or Tilt Camera Up/Down to change angles.
Z, X, or Scroll Mouse WheelZoom In and Out
CTake a Screenshot. In Game Options you may select to include the Game Interface in Pictures.
VBegins/Ends Video Recording. Find Video Settings in the Game Options
Technical Cheats

Live Mode Hotkeys ( Technical )

HotkeyWhat it Does
EscBrings up main menu or cancels something
Left Click Object or SimInteract with that Object or Sim
Left Click on Selected SimGo Jogging, Change Outfit and other Possibilities
Left Click on GroundOrder Sim to go there if you select Move Here.
EnterFind Active Sim
Space or NSelect the next Sim in the Household
Left Click Sim PortraitSelect that Sim
GShow Aspiration Window. Click Gift to go to Rewards, Star to Change Aspiration
IShow Sim’s Inventory
JShow Career Tab
LShow Skills List
RShow Relationship Panel
YShow Simology (Traits, Age) you may Click Stats here to see them
OShow Sim’s current Need Levels. Clicking a Need Icon Orders the Sim to fill it
MGo to Map Mode
~ (Tilde), 1, 2, 3Pause, Speed 1 (normal), Speed 2, Speed 3. P also Pauses the Sims 4.
Control + Shift + CAccess Cheat Console

First Person Mode Hotkeys

HotkeyWhat it Does
Shift + TabEnters and exits First Person View
Left ClickInteracts with objects and Sims, allows you to move. Sims and objects must be in view.
Shift (Hold)Allows you to move the mouse while in first person, letting you click things in the game interface without moving the camera.
Right ClickBrings up ‘Move Here’ to help you to get around doors and walls that you cannot see through.
TabRemoves the interface as it normally does
CtrlSeems to re-center the camera to where the Sim is looking
Mouse WheelAdjusts Field of View (FOV) which can let you see more on the screen, while also helping to compensate somewhat for motion sickness. Scroll down to increase FOV (zoom out on Mac) It should come on slower if you are afflicted. You can, of course, reduce FOV by zooming in but it’s not recommended unless you specifically need it.

Buy & Build Mode Hotkeys ( Technical )

HotkeyWhat it Does
F1, F2, F3Live Mode (Normal Gameplay), Buy Mode, Build Mode
HSwitch to Hand tool, allowing you to grab objects
BBrings up the Wall tool to build… Walls
Ctrl (Hold)While using Wall tool, hold control to delete walls and rooms.
Shift (Hold)While using Wall/Room tool, this will toggle between the two
EEyedropper. Copy an object quickly
KSledgehammer – allows you to click to destroy objects
RDesign Tool. Recolor Objects to create Color Schemes
+ (Numpad)After selecting an object, but before placing it, pressing + on the number pad will cycle through color options for that item, allowing you to find what looks right for that room.
Control + ZUndo last action – it remembers multiple actions so long as you don’t leave build/buy mode.
GToggles the Grid
Shift (Hold)Hold while placing Buy/Build Mode object to place more of the same object without having to select it again
BackspacePress while holding an object to place it in the Household inventory. Great for storing multiple things quickly.
,Rotate selected object left
.Rotate selected object right
Hold Alt w/ ObjectWhile holding an object, this allows you to position it anywhere as opposed to on the Grid
F5 toggleThis will let you position objects relative to the grid, but at 1/2 to 1/4 the usual distance. Good for precision.
Control + FWhile laying floor. Do 1/4 of a Tile at a time (little triangle) for artsy Design
Hold Alt while PaintingFills a straight Wall with the selected Wall Pattern
Hold Shift: Walls and FloorsWill fill an entire room with the selected Floor or Wall Pattern
[Make brush size smaller while painting terrain. Also cycles through square/circle brushes.
]Make brush size larger while painting terrain. Also cycles through square/circle brushes.
;Makes brush softer when painting terrain
Makes brush harder when painting terrain
CtrlHold while painting terrain to erase and change terrain to default.
Control + YRedo last action you undid, should you do something on accident or change your mind.
DeleteUse while object is selected to delete/sell it
TSwitch to top-down view. You can press it again to go back to your previous view
LChange lighting from Morning to Afternoon, Evening and Night to preview how things look. Does not change actual time.
UPush, then click house to relocate the entire structure on the lot. It may be moved or rotated.