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The Sims 4 Get Dressed Autonomy

by Jessica P
The Sims 4 Get Dressed Autonomy

The Sims 4 Get Dressed Autonomy

It’s always annoyed me that without work, school, conveniently-timed showers, or direct intervention, a Sim will remain in their PJs all day long, so I’ve created a simple mod which causes them to autonomously change from PJs to Everyday depending on their traits.

Sims who are morning Sims, neat, and/or responsible will get dressed quickly, while Sims who are night owls, slobs, lazy, and/or irresponsible will lounge around in their night clothes longer. Sims won’t get dressed when they’re sad. The exact time at which a Sim will decide to change their clothes is random.

Only applies to non-vampire Sims who are children or older.

Created using Mod Constructor by Zerbu and Sims4Studio
Future Plans:

Feel free to leave feedback and suggestions!

Archive: GetDressedAutonomy.zip
File: [Mokunoid]-GetDressedAutonomy.package

Traits: (1)


Trait to control autonomy regarding changing from PJs.
Ages: Child
Young Adult
Type: Hidden

Interactions: (1)

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Credit : Mokunoid