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The Sims 4 Decor with a Purpose: Usable Toothpaste

by Jessica P
The Sims 4 Decor with a Purpose: Usable Toothpaste

The Sims 4 Decor with a Purpose: Usable Toothpaste

This mod is a little different and it does a few things. First, it disables brushing your teeth without a hidden "HasToothpaste" buff. Second, it adds an interaction to the toothbrush holder that allows you to get that buff for 2 hours. So now instead of just going to a sink and brushing your teeth you will go to the toothbrush holder, get toothpaste, then go to a sink and brush your teeth.

This is an override of a basegame object given custom tuning. It also includes an override to the tuning for the brush teeth interaction. So anything else that changes those tunings will have conflict. As always, let me know if you have any issues, but your safest bet is to not use this with any major dental overhauls. For example, with adeepindigo’s Dental Care, even if it doesn’t technically conflict it would be very clunky to use together, needing to use both my toothpaste and her’s.

The new strings are in English only at the moment. I don’t speak any other languages nearly well enough to translate them so I welcome any translations that anyone can offer and will credit all translators.


  • Zero’s BG – Visible Maxis Hidden Needs doesn’t modify the same tuning so you shouldn’t have an issue with that one.

If you’re an object creator and want to use my tuning you totally can. Just link people to my stuff to download it and send me a link to your work if you want me to share it.

Archive: Ilex_BG_Toothpaste1.0.zip
File: Ilex_BG_Toothpaste.package

Price: 35


* The following information shares where to find it in buy-mode, any buffs/moodlets they get from it and what it can be used for!

Happy : 1

Interactions: (2)

Get Toothpaste
Brush Teeth
Games used: + 1 EPs/SPs

  • Custom Content This is the addition of player-made clothing or objects to the game. Sometimes just referred to in The Sims community as “CC”.
  • Game Mods: These are Mods that add features or change functionality of the game. These Mods may include script code, but not always.
  • Mods: A blanket term referring to any player-made content for the game—this includes both Custom Content and Game Mods.
  • Enable Mods via the options panel : The setting can be found in “Options > Other > Enable Custom Content and Mods.” and Restart the game

Credit : Ilex