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Sugar Dady Mod – Sugar Life Mod –

by Jessica P
AEP Pornography Mod - The Sims 4

Sugar Life Mod

  • Sugar Life Mod
  • Credit : Ksuihuh’s Corner

You can develop a relationship with your partner, ask to be girlfriend/boyfriend, even propose. It won’t cancel Sugar Agreement. You can stop Sugar Relationship at any time. Depending on the level of your romance and friendship you can stay friends with your partner or become enemies. 
For now, there are two interactions available for Sugar Babies:
‘Ask for Daily Allowance’ – will earn your Baby 500 Simoleons. You can ask every 12 hours and as long as your Daddy or Mommy is in a good mood they will grant it to you. It also will increase your romance. 
‘Ask for More Money’ – will be available after your Sim finished previous interaction. This will bring your Baby from 1500 to 2000 Simoleons, but will only work after you had sex with your Daddy or Mommy and they are satisfied. It can be WW sex or traditional WooHoo. If they are unsatisfied, they will refuse and you will lose a little bit of romance. 
At this moment there is only one interaction for Daddies and Mommies:
‘Give Baby Daily Allowance’ – you will lose 500 Simoleons, but it will increase your romance.