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Sims 4 The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

by Jessica P
Sims 4 The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Sims 4 The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Are you a wizard with too many chores around the house to have enough time for wizarding? Try the new Sorcerer’s Apprentice! Let it take care of your mundane cleaning, repairing and gardening needs while you spend your time stirring the cauldron.

This buyable item is usable only by spellcasters, since it’s powered by magic. Put it on the floor, charge it with magical energy and it will roam around your lot cleaning, repairing things and doing your gardening chores. Recharge it quickly and easily with magic, and it will run for hours unattended.

This item is based on the Hoverbots from Discover University and combines the functionality of the Cleaning, Repair and Gardening bots. It’s waterproof (since it’s made from wood and straw) and requires no robotics bench to recharge or repair it. Simply click on the Apprentice to activate it. To recharge it, click on it to deactivate it, then select ‘Charge Sorcerer’s Apprentice’.

If the charge runs out while it is running, it will deactivate and slowly recharge on its own from the ambient magical charge in the atmosphere. You can also recharge it again manually to put it back in service. The Apprentice must be deactivated before charging it.

In between chores, it will roam your lot looking for work to do.

Expansions required: Realm of Magic, Discover University

Release History

  • 1.0.0, 9/28/2021, Initial Patreon release
  • 1.0.1, 9/29/2021, Bug fix to allow placement without ‘move objects’ enabled.
  • 1.0.2, 10/31/2021, Some invisible tuning errors fixed, adjustments to wander cycle.

Archive: SimsonianLibrary_TheSorcerersApprentice_1.0.2.zip
File: Sorcerer’s Apprentice.package
#1 Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Description: Carved from the ancient trees of The Magic Realm and suffused with the power of the Scruberoo, Repairio and Florial spells, this magic broom can help you around the house so that you have time to magic.

Price: 150


* The following information shares where to find it in buy-mode, any buffs/moodlets they get from it and what it can be used for!


Mesh information:

Mesh name: Sorcerer’s Apprentice

LODs (2):

LOD 0 1
Polygons 962 694
Colors (1):

Interactions: (4)

Activate {1.ObjectName}
Charge {1.ObjectName}
Try to De-Activate
Games used: + 1 EPs/SPs

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Credit : Simsonian Library