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Sims 4 Skyler Luxury Kitchen

by Jessica P
Sims 4 Skyler Luxury Kitchen

Skyler Luxury Kitchen

With this set, you can create either luxury kitchen or neutral style kitchen. Hope you like it!😃 

You can find items in this set by searching ‘CWB’ or ‘Feb21’ in game.

Skyler Luxury Kitchen

I am sending download link to this set to all my current patrons via private message, this will take a few hours. 

If you are a new patron, you can request download link in private message and I will send it to you as fast as possible.

If you encounter any problem with CC in this set, please message me privately. I will answer and help you as fast as possible.

Download tray files here 

* Tray files is like room plan and do not contain cc from this set if you want to download cc from this set,  you have to message me *

How to install tray file  Make sure not to put tray files inside any sub-folder.

*Some items in this set have 2k textures. So you need to follow this tutorial if you want them to look crisp and clear in game.

**I recommend downloading OMSP by Amoebae to use with this set. So you can put items inside cabinets.

***If there are shadow showing through meshes, follow this tutorial to disable them. 

Other decorative beautiful CC by LeoSims, Hel-Studio, Modern , and many more!