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Peak of Modern – Growing Together Build mode

by Jessica P
Peak of Modern - Growing Together Build mode

Finally got the motivation to start on addons again, and I thought I would start with a deceptively easy one, didn’t turn out that way though. But now I have a set of 45 degree clerestory windows, a modular set of clerestory windows, new custom front door and a bunch of variants of the original designs. Going to be a lot of customisation option now, which I love. What you need to know: the 45 degree clerestory windows will need MoveObjects turned on for use on roof wall segments The rectangular clerestory windows are perfect or modular window sizes there are alternate version of the original left and right Art windows including a symmetrical version because the bars have a different layout then the Symmetrical window (I liked both) unfortunately due to the naming method of the windows, the best way to find them all is filtering for the Growing Together EP and searching for “modern” following tutorial below. Of Modern will bring up all items from the set and EP except for the original three Symmetrical windows Because I am an idiot, I forgot the new door designs I added are BGC so will not show up if you have growing together filter active

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