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by Jessica P
simmify music nook

simmify music nook

I am so excited to finally share this set with you. SIMMIFY MUSIC NOOK includes some cute functional and clutter objects for your music-loving sims. The design of the record player and speakers is inspired by the popular Crosley models, but with my own personal touch. This set was so much fun to create, and these objects are now some of my favorite ones to date. Here’s what you get: Guitar, 12 swatches, 1000§ Record player, 12 swatches, 400§ Speaker, 12 swatches, 200§ LP storage unit, 26 swatches, 100§ Stack of LPs, 5 swatches, 120§ Potted plant, 10 swatches, 200§

Custom Content is CC that can be downloaded and added to your game

Credit : myshunosun