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ts4 good boy hoodie

by Jessica P
ts4 good boy hoodie

ts4 good boy hoodie

Hi! Today I start posting something for TS4 too (omg my poor followers are you ok with all this mess? sorry :D). I made this hoodie for my belowed werewolfie, hope you’ll find it usefull for you too. It is mostly about one print, but I also added no print versions and some extra patterns. And I’m sharing you PSD for your own swatches if you need. 64 swatches + PSD for you recolours (for personal use only please!) LOD0 4666 / LOD1 2659 / LOD2 1500 / LOD3 813; for young adult, adult, teens and elder; male only, it doesn’t have female morph, sorry :’) base game compatible; disallowed for NPC random.

Custom Content is CC that can be downloaded and added to your game

Credit : kennetha-v-thesims