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The Spite Collection by sentate

by Jessica P
The Spite Collection by sentate

The Spite Collection If there’s one thing I love in this world it’s a wicked, wretched SPITE filled villainess… with a killer wardrobe to match! For this years October set I let the inspiration flow with some of my favourite horror tropes. Perhaps your sim is a sorrowful Onryō in her burial robes seeking her retribution. A cunning Witch wearing a dress made from the patched together clothing of her victims. A Black Widow who’s already looking for her next husband. Or maybe a powerful Sorceress seeking to destroy… something…. for some reason… You get the Idea! The collection features 9 items that come in my 30 swatch pallette plus loads of fun prints and colour combinations, (all grungy horror swatches have a clean version too). So whether your sims are burying their next victim or rising from the grave themselves; they will always be ready to slay with the The SPITE collection! edit: Added a plain version of the Morticia Dress! It’s already in the zip also there on its own x

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