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The Sims 4 Emotional Influencer

by Jessica P
The Sims 4 Emotional Influencer

The Sims 4 Emotional Influencer

Basegame Compatible

This mod adds a new trait to your sims so that they can have a power to manipulate other sims’, or even your own emotions and feelings.
But don’t think that they can just use their powers anywhere freely!!
Their powers will drain their energy everytime they use it.
Therefore, Beware and use the power wisely!!
The trait can be picked on CAS, and available for children to elders

Check out 3 special new Interactions :

– Influence other sims’ emotions
Click on other sims, and influence their emotions. Make them feel good, or bad!!
– Influence your own sim’s emotion
You can also control your own emotion! Just click on yourself => Influence Emotion => self emotion, and feel the emotion you want to feel
– Emotional Burst
Ever wanted to have such a cool power to affect the emotions of those sims around you? like vampires? ????
well, now you can!! click on yourself => Influence Emotion => Emotional Burst
But doing this will drain you sim’s energy even more, and it can also fail!!

Those interactions are only available for sims with Emotion Influencer trait

Note: if your sims have Strangerville GP, they can influence ‘possessed’ emotion ????

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Credit : andrian_m.l