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Creaous’ Renamer Tool rename any sim to anything!

by Jessica P
The Sims 4 Creaous' Renamer Tool (rename any sim to anything!)

The Sims 4 Creaous’ Renamer Tool (rename any sim to anything!)

Recreation of scumbumbo’s change name mod, you will be missed.

WARNING: The mod must NOT be put in 2 sub-folders (e.g: Mods/Scripts/Tools).
I highly discourage to put it in 1 sub-folder but it will still work like that.

Original Links (CC):

I edited (created) this because my sister’s game wasn’t working with the original.

This script works with pets aswell as sims! You can even add spaces just include " at the beginning and end like the example in the Command Usage.

2. Type in "rename "Old First Name" "Old Last Name".
3. Finished!

Command Usage:
rename "Old First Name" "Old Last Name"

Keep in mind if you put the middle name in the First Name that it will ask you to rename in CAS

rename Repo Collins
rename Repo "Jackson Collins"

Additional Credits:
scumbumbo (for the original)

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Credit : MitchellVR