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The Sims 4 Better Sleep Autonomy

by Jessica P
The Sims 4 Better Sleep Autonomy

The Sims 4 Better Sleep Autonomy

While there is some behaviour in The Sims 4 that defines a loose "schedule" regarding sleep, I’ve always found Sims’ sleeping habits to be erratic, unreliable, and boring. This mod changes that by enforcing stricter schedules and making a Sim’s traits, moods, and life skills affect their sleeping autonomy.

Currently 6 modules are available and can be mixed and matched as desired. (Main is always required!)

Main, Wake Up, Morning & Night, Toddlers, and Moods require the base game only. Life Skills requires the Parenthood gamepack.

Created using Mod Constructor by Zerbu and Sims4Studio

Tested with game version 1.83

Installation : Unzip and drag the package files and TS4script files into your Sims 4 Mods directory. (Important! TS4 Script files can only be one folder deep.)
Better Sleep Autonomy – Main [required!]

Better Sleep Autonomy – Toddlers

Better Sleep Autonomy – Wake Up

Better Sleep Autonomy – Morning & Night

Better Sleep Autonomy – Moods

Better Sleep Autonomy – Life Skills

Future Plans:
⦁Add more features to toddlers module (and create another mod which handles and improves overall toddler care autonomy)
⦁Add a module for vampires.
Feel free to leave feedback and suggestions!

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Credit : Mokunoid