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The Scandal Collection by sentate

by Jessica P
The Scandal Collection by sentate

The Scandal Collection We’ve gone from The Boudoir To Midnight but now it’s time… to cause a SCANDAL! For this years February set I really wanted to expand your sims wadrobe choices and bring in a touch of vintage decadence & smoky sensual allure… but with a fashion forward twist! Featuring richly patterned silks, vintage lace and the strongest ribbons you’ll ever see; The Scandal Collection encourages your sims to steal the moment and make the headlines! Included in the set is 20 items; 3 tops, 4 bottoms, 3 full body outfits, 2 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of stockings, a pair of cute 3D socks and last but not least a saucy tracksuit for men! Each item comes in my standard 25 colours plus bonus swatches for this collection. UPDATE: -Added a Top version of the Aubrey Corset!! the zip is updated, and the file is added seperately if you want to just add it to your game. NOTES: -The 2 stockings are compatible with my previous garters from the midnight collection, due to the curve/streched looking shape they look strange when used without the garters. -The Inessa bra also comes as an accessory version in the Gloves category. -The 3D socks function as shoes and are available in both the shoes or socks category.

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