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table for two Cottage Living

by Jessica P
table for two Cottage Living

I love all the new items from the Cottage Living pack, but what I love even more is having proper access to all of the colour options. So here we are with a ton of new swatches for Lawrence the Loafer’s Cushioned Country Chair and The Ghost Tables of the Barkersvilles, combining the original EA colours for the wood tones and fabrics. I also tidied up the texture in a couple of places where the fabric texture was bleeding onto the wood. You’re welcome, EA. Cottage Living is required Chair comes in 8 wood tones and 11 cushion colours = 88 swatches. Table comes in 8 wood tones and 8 tablecloth colours = 64 swatches. Standalone recolours rather than overrides because I haven’t touched the patterned tablecloths, or the extra wood tones EA put on the tables but not the chairs. Because there are so many swatches you may need to use filters to be able to view everything in one go. Alternatively you can place one item and then use the design tool to change swatch because I think that stacks them vertically rather than horizontally. I may be wrong, I’m very tired Any other issues please do let me know!

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Credit : biffybobs