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Soft Tummy – Skin Detail

by Jessica P
Soft Tummy - Skin Detail

Tired of your muscular sims to all have sculpted abs? Prefer a fuller tummy look on any body type sim? This skin detail is what you’ve been looking for! Different intensities: 100%: Completely cancel out the abs on the muscle skin detail; 75%: Cancel out the abs partially, while leaving a slight resemblance of abs still; 50%: Keep some definition of the abs while softening them. Different skin details: The Soft Tummy skin detail comes in different types of details, namely, Face Skin Detail and Body Scar. In case your game isn’t able to show the Body Scar category, you can use the Skin Detail as a backup. I personally prefer to use the Body Scar version in combination with my Nipples skin detail.

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