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Sims 4 Van Helsim Aspiration

by Jessica P
Sims 4 Van Helsim Aspiration

Sims 4 Van Helsim Aspiration

Van Helsim Aspiration
Vampires and Outdoor Retreat Required

Welcome to something a little different. In this aspiration, you will embark on a (mostly) peaceful journey to combat vampirism.

It is essential that your sim is NOT a vampyre prior to starting this aspiration, as becoming one is part of level 2. As well, this aspiration is involved, the only way to swiftly complete it is through cheats. Be prepared for an adventure!

Basically, the game lets you create the cure once you’ve reached Vampire Lore level 15. This aspiration incorporates that, while also giving you the opportunity to become Vampyre, for how can one truly understand unless one becomes that which they despise?

In game Aspiration description:

You want to cure the world of Vampirism, but to do this, you must become Vampyre, immerse yourself in the life and the lore. Once you become a vampyre expert and have attained the rank of Master Vampyre, you will have unlocked the ability to create the cure, and thereby can offer it to other vampyres! No need for wooden stakes…ew…so messy.

Try your hand at different ways of creating curative concoctions, become a vampire to more fully understand the physiology, and hone your research skills.

Some may not want the cure, but you are a Van Helsim! You will not falter….or will you.

This is a Knowledge Aspiration, and will result in receiving the the Longevity trait, and should you choose to drink the cure, you will live an extended life! (your sim, of course, not really you LOL)

Note: having noticed a couple typos in the in game description in the images, I went back in and fixed that, so wold is now world, and vampire is vampyre…just because

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