Sims 4 Travel To Venue – Hidden and Vacation Destinations

Sims 4 Travel To Venue – Hidden and Vacation Destinations

Requirements & Compatibility


This mod requires at least The Sims 4™ [Base Game] to use. Having other Packs (listed below) will unlock the other options to travel to those areas. (if you do not a pack, that location will be locked informing you the required pack to use it)

Optional Packs:

  • GP01: OR – Outdoor Retreat
  • EP01: GTW – Get To Work
  • EP06: GF – Get Famous
  • GP06: JA – Jungle Adventure
  • GP07: SV – StrangerVille
  • GP08: RoM – Realm of Magic
  • GP09: JTB – Journey To Batuu
  • EP10: SE – Snowy Escape


The Travel To Venue (Standalone Mod) is not compatible with the Developer/Debug Access Panel (DevAccessPanel) as TTV functions are built into the DevAccessPanel.

Mod Information

This mod allows Sims to travel to hidden, special or vacation lots.

To Denote
This mod lets the traveller Sim to go to vacation worlds without planning for a vacation. However, this does not allow the traveller Sim to rent a lot at that world.

To travel, open up your phone and under Travel, Select the Interaction: Travel To Venue.

Travelling to Secret/Hidden Lots

Using Travel To Venue, you gain access to travel to these secret lots:
  • Sylvan Glade [BG]
  • Forgotten Grotto [BG]
  • Deep Woods [OR]
  • Scientist Lab [GTW]
  • Police Station [GTW]
  • Hospital [GTW]
  • Sixam [GTW]
  • Omisician Temple [JA]
  • Studio [GF]
  • Secret Lab [SV]
  • Magic Realm [RoM]
  • Mt. Komorebi Base Camp [SE]
  • Croft Icefall [SE]
  • Mt. Komorebi Peak [SE]

Side Note
Some of these lots may not be secret lots as they may be shown in the MapViewPicker or are used in Careers or used in Events.

Regarding Sim Spawning
For the Police Station and Acting Studio, no Sims will spawn when visiting using Travel To Venue. This is due to the Situations and ZoneDirectors being hooked to the associated career (Classed under CareerEventSituation, CareerEventZoneDirector and its derivatives).

Travelling to Vacation Worlds

This option of travel is added to allow Sims to travel to vacation worlds without Taking a Vacation and renting a lot.

You can travel to these Worlds:
  • Granite Falls [OR]
  • Selvadorada [JA]
  • Batuu [JTB]

Travel to one of those world will lead you to:
  • Granite Falls -> Granite Falls National Park
  • Selvadorada -> The Cantina Bar at the Marketplace
  • Batuu -> The Cantina at Black Spire Outpost

Exiting when using Travel To Venue
To exit the Vacation World, the Sim needs to Go Home (You will not return to lodging if you did not Take a Vacation and rent a lot) or use the Travel to Venue to go to another lot within the main worlds (secret lots).

Miscellaneous Information


For previous versions of Travel To Venue, please refer to the Repo Archive page:…vel%20To%20Venu


The Travel To Venue mod uses the following scripts to operate:
(Directory is written in the form when loaded in-game)
---> [CoreLib]
|        |
|        --->
|        |
|        --->
---> [FrameworkLib]
|        |
|        --->
|        |
|        --->
---> [TestSets]

Class List:
  • TD1TravelToVenueMenuUIPicker – MenuUIPicker for Menus used in TTV with Icon Switching Functionality
  • TD1TravelToVenueAffordanceInjector – [AF2] Deprecated
  • TD1TravelToVenueAffordanceInjectorV3 – [AF3] Affordance Injector with multiple instances used to inject custom affordances
  • TD1TravelToVenueTunableTestSet – Custom TestSet to support pack_test
  • TD1TravelToVenuePackTest – Custom Pack test using is_available_pack() to test for pack existence

Attrubitions & Credits

This mod is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC-By-NC-ND 4.0).

For open sourced scripts, they are licensed using the MIT License. For such scripts, you can look here: TD1-TS4-Scriptology

With thanks to:
  • Sims 4 Studio – S4S
  • Creator Musings – Tutorial Compiling
  • Frankkmods – Custom TestSets Tutorial

© TwelfthDoctor1 & TWoCC 2020-2021

Archive: [TwelfthDoctor1] Travel To Venue [Version 1.40].zip
File: [TwelfthDoctor1] Travel To Venue.package

Interactions: (41)

Exit Menu
Travel to Venue
Travel To Sylvan Glade
Travel To Forgotten Grotto
Travel To Deep Woods
Travel to Sixam
Travel to Hospital
Travel to FutureSim Labs
Travel to Omiscan Temple
Travel to Plumbob Studios
Travel to The Magic Realm
Travel to The Secret Lab
Travel to Granite Falls
Travel to Batuu
Hidden Venues
Vacation Worlds
Travel to Selvadorada
Travel to Mt. Komorebi Base Camp
Travel to Croft Icefall
Travel to Mt. Komorebi Peak
Travel to Venue
Travel to Venue
Travel to Venue

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Credit : TwelfthDoctor1