Sims 4 Switch Streaming Mod

Switch Streaming Mod

Note: This mod is an extension for “slice of life” but does not require “slice of life” to work.

Want to become a full-time streamer like Sasha? She makes over $100k a week from donations and subscribers. She has an amazing interactive community which she makes amazing content for almost daily!

  1. First, figure out which platform(s) you want to stream from. You can stream from a console, pc, your drone, or your tripod.
  2. After that, you want to buy the equipment that you need for streaming. Whether it’s a laptop/computer, wifi-enabled tripod, drone, or all of the above. I recommend using multiple and especially the drone.
  3. Figure out what content you want or don’t limit yourself and do everything.
  4. Grab the Switch Streamer aspiration if you are interested in that.
  5. Finally, you want to make sure your equipment is working, that you are wearing appropriate clothing, and then begin streaming.
  6. In the first 20-30 minutes of your very first stream, you will have a dead chat but people will eventually show up.
  7. After your first stream, you will have a new trait which will unlock a new menu called “switch streaming” in that new menu you can interact offline, interact with viewers when you are streaming using a drone, and get paid for subscribers every week.

Switch Streaming Mod

Streaming Pros & Cons

For the already Famous / Big Streamers

  • You are less likely to get bans for your actions since you bring so much to our platform we will give you many warnings.
  • We will showcase you on the front page every single stream to bring you even more followers!
  • You are more likely to receive way more donations and bigger donations compared to a smaller Switch streamer.
  • Your community will be more welcoming compared to smaller Switch streamers.
  • You are more likely to receive a lot of hate comments from viewers who are jealous of your success.
  • You will get more subscribers naturally compared to smaller streamers.
  • You are less likely to react to subscribers and donations not because you are unappreciative but because you will get more.

Switch Streaming Mod

For the newcomers / Smaller Streamers

  • You are most likely to get banned for your actions as you are new to our platform we are really strict.
  • You will most likely get very few donations and very small donations since you are a smaller streamer.
  • You are less likely to get hateful comments since you are a smaller streamer.
  • You are less likely to get more viewers since we mostly display our bigger content creators.
  • You won’t gain subscribers as quickly compared to bigger streamers but you can work for it.
  • You are most likely to react to subscribers and donations for obvious reasons.

You will unlock social interactions after your very first stream! There is also a chance that people around you will celebrate your donations and subs with you!

Credit : kawaiistacie