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Sims 4 Supernatural Modpack

by Jessica P
Sims 4 Supernatural Modpack

Supernatural Modpack

Supernatural Modpack

Credit : by Snowiii95

10 new traits (Fairy, Gatherer, Genie, Ghost, Mischievous Wolfie (for the little ones only!), Night Owl, Pixie, Siren, Supernatural Fan, Werewolf, Zombie; 

3 new lot traits (Apocalyptic Ground, Fairies Magic, Graveyard);

3 new aspirations (Bloodthirsty, Leader of the Pack, Mystic Healer);

3 new careers (Alchemist, Fortune Teller, Ghost Hunter)


*Most of the mods are base game! The ones that aren’t are identified in the file’s name;

*Alot of these new traits have voice effects!! (ex: ghost sims actually have the ghost voice effect during gameplay! )

*Immortal occults (ex:ghost) are immune to death and aging!

*ALL traits are available for ALL ages!!

*Each trait impacts your gameplay! Each one increases/decreases your skill leveling and careers. This also applies for babies, toddlers and children!

*ALL traits have brand new social interactions (this time not duplicated – previous bug)

*This modpack is ready for the current patch (21/01/2021) and already has the “scared” emotion included!