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Sims 4 Slice Of Life Mod

by Jessica
Sims 4 Slice Of Life Mod

This mod is now separated into individual mods but I have created a full download version of them organized into one folder for you. You can do this yourself without this download.

What the slice of life mod adds to your game:

  • My Memories – Allows sims to remember special moments and talk about them.
  • My Personality – Allows sims to have more personality.
  • My Appearance – Allows sims to have tears, dark circles, and blush.
  • My Alcohol – Allows sims to get drunk from drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • My Beauty – Allows sims to wear makeup and perfume.
  • Self Woohoo – Allows sims to woohoo with themselves.
  • My Social Life – Allows sims to call friends and family and even make group calls.
  • My Cycle – Allows sims to have menstrual cycles.
  • My Health – Allows sims to have realistic sicknesses and health conditions.
  • My Party – Throw & get invited to parties.
  • My Phone – Possibly coming soon or discontinued.

Slice Of Life Mod

Credit : kawaiistaciemods