Sims 4 SKYLLA Eye Makeup Kit SPOILER 2D (Skindetail) Eyelashes N02

SKYLLA Eye Makeup Kit

SKYLLA Eye Makeup Kit

2021 UPDATE: Most of these items work with the added color, hue & brightness sliders now (except the ones in skin detail or tattoo category, the game itself sadly has no sliders for items in those categories). Redownload if you are interested in those, if you’re only interested in the transparency slider there’s no need to redownload, as that one also worked prior the update.

Hello there! I’m back with a really versatile makeup kit, it’s how I like to do my makeup IRL, I always loved subtle yet sparkly eyeshadows, strong but natural brows and soft lashes, here we are with 6 items perfectly fitting for this aesthetic~ A few of them are old WIP’s, you might recognize them from some older preview pics.

SPOILER 2D (Skindetail) Eyelashes N02

Comes in 3 length variations (curled, long, semi-uncurled), all of them either for both, top or bottom eyelids, and each of them in 5 color variations. Female + male sims, teen-elder.

DROMI Eyeshadow N80

Subtle glitter eyeshadow for the top eyelid, comes in 50 colors, works for both genders but is categorized for female, teen-elder.

YURA Eyebrows N147

Fluffy, thick eyebrows in 45 colors, female + male, toddler-elder.

MORTICIA Eyebrows N148

Thinner version of the Yura brows, comes in 45 colors, female + male, toddler-elder.

TRAUMA Eyes N165

A more realistic and detailed version of the white swatch of my Butterfly Effect eyes, comes in 50 colors, female + male, toddler-elder.


A shiny version of the Trauma eyes, comes in 50 colors, female + male, toddler-elder.

~All items are HQ compatible, pics also taken with it.

Credit : Pralinesims