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Sims 4 Psychic Sims mod

by Jessica
Sims 4 Psychic Sims mod

Psychic Sims mod

The Basic Powers of Psychic Sims 

The Basic Powers of Psychic SimsThe Psychic SkillGhost Binding

What Non-Psychic Sims can do 

What Non-Psychic Sims Can Do

How to Get Started 

1. Go in build mode, and look for a “mysterious urn” (type “mysterious” in the search bar; or find it in the catalog manually, it’s in “Misc Decorations”). 

2. Buy it, and put it somewhere on the floor (it will turn into a normal ‘dead sim’ urn once you place it).
3. Have the Sim you wish to be Psychic “Mourn the Stranger in the Urn

4. Let them complete this action. You will get a stroy-notification. Now your Sim has a “Psychic” trait. If you wish to get rid of the powers, click the Urn again, and use “Beg the Spirit to Take Powers Back”.

5. Your Sim now has a new Pie Menu, “Psychic Powers”. Psychic Sims mod

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