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Sims 4 New spell (Obsidio)-Realm of Magic mod

by Jessica P
Sims 4 New spell (Obsidio)-Realm of Magic mod

Sims 4 New spell (Obsidio)-Realm of Magic mod

Hey, this is my first mod. It allows your spellcasters to learn a new spell called Obsidio.

By casting Obsidio on any sim you make them possesed by the spirit of Charles the evil chicken. Sims then will get an angry buff that allows them to give an ”evil glare” to any object setting it on fire, similar to the way drinking obsidian milk works in game.

It is a Mischief lvl 4 spell and it comes with its own tome.

This custom spell requires the Spellbook injector mod by r3m. https://modthesims.info/d/659933/sp…njector-v2.html
It also requires the Sims 4 Base Game the Sims 4 Realm of Magic and The Sims 4 Cottage Living.

There aren’t any conflicts with other mods as far as I know.

Thank you

Archive: TTN_Obsidio spell.7z
File: TTN_Obsidio spell.package
#1 Tome of Obsidio

Description: Requires: Rank Adept\nTeaches the reader a Spell to possess someone with the spirit of Charles the evil chicken.

Price: 315


* The following information shares where to find it in buy-mode, any buffs/moodlets they get from it and what it can be used for!


Mesh information:

Mesh name: Tome of Obsidio

LODs (1):

Polygons 106

Interactions: (3)

Games used: + 1 EPs/SPs

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