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Sims 4 My Cycle Pack

by Jessica P
Sims 4 My Cycle Pack

My Cycle Pack

Allow your sims to experience menstrual cycles just like humans.

Menstrual cycles are implemented through buffs and are randomized so there is a chance that sims will not be in sync. You can take care of your sims cycle by using the toilet or clicking on them. If an NPC sim isn’t doing a good job at maintaining their cycle you can give them menstrual products through social interaction or you can click the solve cycle option.

This mod adds a basic menstrual cycle to the women in your game.

  • Adds a biweekly cycle to teens-adult women that lasts two days.
  • Adds an option to the toilet to change your tampon/pad when on period.
  • Showering will change your sim’s tampon/pad when they’re on their period.
  • Adds an odor to sims that haven’t changed their tampon/pad.
  • Adds a social interaction to give sims a tampon/pad to women on their period.
  • Adds a “solve menstrual cycle” cheat on sims.
  • Sims will do a cramping animation while on their period.
  • Sims hygiene will decrease when they have a dirty tampon/pad.
  • Sims will have cravings, cramps, mood swings, headaches, fatigue, etc…when they’re on their period.
  • If a toilet or shower isn’t available you can click on your sim and go into the slice of life menu to give them a tampon/pad or medicine for their symptoms.
  • Adds an option to disable periods for a sim in the slice of life menu.
  • When sims are on public lots the mod will auto solve it for you. This was added to protect your public lots from having women on periods stinking up the place and miserable.