Sims 4 Mod Office Secretary Vintage Career

Office Secretary Vintage Career

  • Office Secretary Vintage Career
  • Credit : by Alpha_Waifu

 Base game compatible 

Office Secretary Career

Level 1: Coffee Gofer

Well, everyone’s got to start somewhere.. Your somewhere is getting the big bosses their precious morning coffee…
And their second… Third… You get the point.

Wage 10/Hr

Mon – Fri

9AM – 5PM

Reach Level 3 fitness Skill

Reach Level 2 Charisma Skill

Level 2: Plant Waterer

Hopefully you’ve got a green thumb! Because now on top of grabbing those coffees,
you’ve been entrusted with watering the office plants! …and cleaning out the cigarette butts. Ugh.

Wage 15/Hr

Mon – Fri

9AM – 5PM

Reach Level 2 Gardening Skill

Reach Level 4 Charisma Skill

Level 3: Dry Cleaning Gofer

At least you get to see outside now, and have a few minutes to chat with the dry cleaning lady.
Not being around your flirty boss for a few minutes really gives you what you need to make it through the day.

Wage 18/Hr

Mon – Fri

9AM – 5PM

Reach Level 5 Fitness Skill

Reach Level 7 Charisma Skill

Reach Level 2 Handiness Skill

Level 4: Office Cleaner

Cleaner?! I thought this job was supposed to be for typing..? You now do everything you did before and more!
Like sweeping the floors, cleaning bathrooms, and emptying ashtrays. There always seems to be something to clean…

Wage 22/Hr

Mon – Fri

9AM – 5PM

Reach Level 5 Charisma Skill

Reach Level 7 Fitness Skill

Reach Level 5 Handiness Skill

Level 5: Typewriter Un-jammer

Well, now you’re finally able to do something with a typewriter! It isn’t typing quite yet, but you’ll get there.

Wage 24/Hr

Mon – Fri

9AM – 5PM

Reach Level 4 Logic Skill

Reach Level 7 Handiness Skill

Level 6: Typewriter Ribbon Replacer

Oooh Ribbons! Oh wait… Not that kind of ribbon.

Wage 26/Hr

Mon – Fri

9AM – 5PM

Reach Level 7 Logic Skill

Reach Level 10 Handiness Skill

Reach Level 3 Comedy Skill

Level 7: Paper Filer

Don’t you just love that ‘new from the factory’ paper smell? I don’t.

Wage 28/Hr

Mon – Fri

9AM – 5PM

Reach Level 10 Logic Skill

Reach Level 6 Comedy Skill

Reach Level 3 Writing Skill

Level 8: Typist

You’ve finally made it! The job you actually wanted was only 8 short promotions away.

Wage 30/Hr

Mon – Fri

9AM – 5PM

Reach Level 8 Writing Skill

Reach Level 10 Charisma Skill

Reach Level 8 Comedy Skill

Level 9: Proof Reader

Reading… lots and lots of reading… Very boring, but you don’t have to scrub floors anymore.

Wage 35/Hr

Mon – Fri

9AM – 5PM

Reach Level 10 Writing Skill

Reach Level 10 Comedy Skill

Level 10: Typing Supervisor

Now you get to be the boss.. well, not quite the boss, but its close enough!
You now watch over all the typists making sure they’re happy (or at least look it), and ensure that they’re hitting their minimum words per minute.

Wage 44/Hr

Mon – Fri

9AM – 5PM