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Sims 4 Luxury walk in closet

by Jessica P
Sims 4 Luxury walk in closet

Luxury walk in closet

Hello, everyone! Finally, luxury walk-in closet set is here! 34 Meshes to make walk-in closet of your dream, both his and her, or you can even make a luxury boutique🥰

I put my heart and soul into making this set so I hope you are happy with it❤️There are many swatches in this set to create walk-in closet in different styles.

I have created four styles, and I ‘d like to tell you a bit about inspiration for each style.

The first one is designed especially to showcase bags.This is the first Cowbuild x Bergdorf! All these gorgeous designer bags are provided by her. Thank you so much!

The second one in black theme is designed to be men closet. I imagined it to be like a luxury suit shop. Black, smart, luxury and loft.

Luxury walk in closet

The third one, brown theme. This style gives me a mysterious and a bit Asian vibe.

The last one, white theme. I imagined a walk-in closet in luxury yacht.

Others beautiful CC from @bergdorfsims @hel-studio @aggressivekitty

And I’d like to thank you @simvaultthings

my friend, and my advisor. Without her, this set wouldn’t be complete in time.

*Some items in this set have 2k textures. So you need to follow this tutorial if you want them to look crisp and clear in game.

**I recommend downloading OMSP by Amoebae to use with this set.

***There will be a gap in between each walk-in closet shelf. In game, use Alt to freely move the shelf to close the gap. Without having gap, if you put wall next to the shelf, the wall will eat the shelf ‘s frame.

****All items are based-game compatible, except CWB Dover Dressing Table With Mirror and CWB Mirror Top Island that require Vintage Glamour.