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Sims 4 Longer Starlight Accolades

by Jessica
Sims 4 Longer Starlight Accolades

Longer Starlight Accolades

  • Longer Starlight Accolades
  • Credit : by misophorism 

Ever get to the Starlight Accolades and the host and celebrities are so distracted that you only get through four or five awards? Annoying, right? This mod makes the event longer so you’re able to get through more of them.

This mod changes both the time they take place and the length. This had to be done because of how events work in Sims; the host, for example, has a “shift.” It cannot carry over to the next day. So instead, I’ve moved the event back and extended the shift of the Host as well as the celebrities that appear to accept their awards.

There are two versions: 8 hours, starting at 3 PM, and 12 hours, starting at 11 AM. You can only choose one, not both! Both versions edit the following tuning:


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